Greetings! It is with a deep sense of joy and anticipation that I write these words to you. The launch of the Daniel Island Fellowship has been a beautiful story, as we have seen a unique and vibrant community of faith birthed that is impacting lives, marriages, families, our city, and our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are reading this document, most likely your own life has been touched in some way through this unfolding story. The wonderful thing is we are just getting started!

In response to many requests about what it means to belong to the Daniel Island Fellowship, we have created this “Founder’s Covenant” to share our distinct vision and values with you and invite you to formally join us in this incredible story. For us the elements presented in this document do not represent resolutions, where one can succeed or fail, but rather rhythms, where one can increasingly experience the fullness of life and grace found in God and His people. As you read this document, we invite you to pray about whether God is calling you to make the Daniel Island Fellowship your faith home. We are excited for our collective future!

Together in Christ,

Paul W. Sorensen

Founding Pastor | Daniel Island Fellowship